Silence reigns during Holy Week in Toro, declared Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in 2007.

The Passion in Toro begins on Passion Friday with the procession of the Crucifix.

It is also tradition on Holy Wednesday for the brotherhood of Jesús y Ánimas de la Campanilla to prepare its float in the church of Santa Catalina, when the devoted take the opportunity request three wishes from Jesus. It is said that at least one will be granted.

Another unique moment of Toro’s Passion is the blessing of “Los Conqueros.” At midday on Holy Thursday, with the bells of the Clock Tower ringing and before the image of our Father Jesus at the doorway of the church of Santa Catalina de Roncesvalles, the blessing of Conqueros, better known as “cagalentejas,” takes places before the Abbots and the public when the Conqueros vow silence to beg for money with their “concas.” After the last bell is heard, they cover themselves with a black hood and go out to undertake their mission. The “conca” or “mortera” is a wooden vessel used in wineries for wine tasting.

Finally, on Good Friday, the most important procession takes place. From 6:00 in the morning until after midday there is a two-part procession with the Cofradía de Jesús and Ánimas de la Campanilla. During the break the brotherhood and the public take advantage to have lunch, eating cod and “panes monumentales” with good wine from Toro and “bollos de aceite”.

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