Holy Week

Anyone who decides to travel to Zamora for Holy Week naturally hopes to be immersed in the festive atmosphere that permeates the streets and to participate in the collective emotions that some of the processions convey. Immersing oneself in the province of Zamora and its Holy Week celebrations would give the traveller a uniquely gratifying experience.

The experience will almost be complete if the traveller quietly discovers the monuments recommended by guidebooks and booklets.Even the traveller’s longing will be satisfied with the discovery of the province’s hidden nooks and crannies. Something important will nevertheless be missing if he leaves without having enjoyed many of the other easily accessible attractions. We are referring to all those people across the province who wait patiently to be discovered and become part of the traveller’s lasting memories, valued even above those that were initially expected.

If you cannot visit Zamora during Passion Week, however, don’t worry. Holy Week may be experienced all year in Zamora. The original Holy Week Museum offers the traveller important heritage collections, including 36 groups of sculptures, tunics of the different brotherhoods and processional items of each brotherhood. The visit radiates spirituality, emotion and fervour. Many churches in the capital and province also have emblematic images of the processions. Religious events, conferences and expositions about the religious festivity take place throughout the year and the months preceding the celebration are a hotbed of frenetic activity for preparations. Zamora is definitely “semana santera”.

There is one province, Zamora, extensive and varied, where customs and traditions are still profoundly alive.  The same is true of the different Holy Week celebrations that take place in our villages: Toro, Bercianos de Aliste, Alcañices, Fermoselle, Fuentesaúco, Benavente… places that offer a different way of experiencing the Passion. These villages possess enormous ethnographic wealth that also survives through many other popular festivals, each of them unique.

Holy Week in the capital, declared International Tourist Interest, and in Toro and Bercianos de Aliste, declared Regional Tourist Interests, leads the many performances that are celebrated during Passion Week.







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