Autumn procession

The cycle of processions and popular festivals in the province of Zamora ends in autumn with a strong flavour of Sanabria.

Eternally magical places now welcome shrines dedicated to Mary and the nearby crowds once again hear the bagpipes and drums while enjoying a day in the country. Traditional cuisine does the rest.

La Alcobilla

Three virgins come to honour Nuestra Señora de la Alcobilla on September 8 in Rábano de Sanabria: the Virgen de la Peregrina of the Barrio de Rábano; the Virgen del Rosario of Rábano de Sanabria; and the Virgen de la Asunción of San Justo. All three come to the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Alcobilla. The celebration day continues in la Alcobilla with a picnic lunch highlighting Sanabrian-style octopus.

La Peregrina

When summer is nearly beginning to end, the Sanabrian come to the small community of Donado to celebrate the grand festival on the first Sunday in September. The venerated image was donated to the people by Manuel Obelar, bishop of Tonking and native of Donado. It is kept in the Santuario de la Peregrina, an impressive 19th century building.

Virgen de la Carballeda



Celebrations in honour of the Virgen de la Carballeda take place in the form of a grand festival on the second Sunday in September. Main events are celebrated near the sanctuary, one of the most moving an offering of flowers to the Virgin. Banners from the different village provide a show of colours. What make this event unique are the “falifos,” members of one of the oldest brotherhoods of the Way of Saint James, and also a tradition reminiscent of Carnival with the burial of an octopus as a symbol that the festival has ended.

Romería de la Tuiza

Virgen de las Nieves is the grand event of Lubián in this Zamoran procession to the shrine of La Tuiza. The doorway of the church and its tower dazzle outsiders.

Los Remedios

The series of processions in Zamora ends in early October with one of the most crowded of all those held in Sanabria. Several thousands of people gather each year at the shrine of Otero de Sanabria to honour the patron saint of the region, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. As in other occasions, the pilgrimage processes in and around the shrine, and stalls and makeshift kitchens are set up to cook Sanabrian-style octopus. The procession also celebrates the blessings of vehicles.