Holy Week is deeply rooted in Benavente and its people.

La Ermita de la Soledad, the Churches of Santa María de Azogue, of San Juan del Mercado and of the Virgen del Carmen have beautiful images. Holy Week processions begin and end there.

There have been three brotherhoods since ancient times, Vera Cruz, Santo Entierro and Jesus of Nazareth, that participate in processions with images such as Jesus of Nazareth (from the end of the 16th century), Jesus carrying the cross, the Virgen de la Soledad and the Virgen de las Angustias, (from the 19th century), and the Crucifixion with a Christ by Ramón Álvarez, etc.
With the passage of time, new images have been added to the Holy Week processions. The Cofradía del Silencio (Brotherhood of Silence) was added in 1943, with the Cristo de la Salud (Christ of Health) as the lead.

In 1999 the Damas de la Luz and Soledad processions were added.

The processions of Silence on Holy Wednesday and Jesus of Nazareth in the early morning of Good Friday are very popular because the images that in the procession, el Cristo de la Salud and Jesus of Nazareth, are very revered by the people of Benavente.

The  Passion of Benavente culminates with the Magna Procesión del Santo Entierro (Great Procession of the Holy Burial), celebrated on Good Friday. All the brotherhoods participate in the procession, accompanied by 10 of the most representative floats of Holy Week.

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